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ELK Lifting Cushion


The Elk is a compact, battery powered lifting cushion. If someone falls over they can shuffle on to the cushion, or be rolled on from the recovery position and assisted to sit upright. The Elk can then be inflated at the touch of a button with someone supporting the individual from behind to bring them to a raise seated position ready to stand.

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Product Description

The ELK is a compact, battery powered lifting cushion.

If someone falls over they can shuffle on to the cushion, or be rolled on from the recovery position and assisted to sit upright. The ELK can then be inflated at the touch of a button with someone supporting the individual from behind to bring them to a raise seated position ready to stand. Once the lift is complete, the ELK can be deflated, folded up and stored away tidily. If you would like to receive a copy of the full ELK presentation DVD simply fill in our contact form.

  • Designed to be used with the help of a carer the ELK emergency lifting cushion can be used in the tightest of spaces.
  • Lifts up to 70 stone (450 kg)
  • Portable – weighs just 3.6 kg and folds up for easy carrying
  • Applicable for any age
  • Simple to use
  • Minimises moving and handling risk – protects carers’ backs
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Airflo controlled


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  1. MikeChipshop


    The Elk has been of great benefit when needed and gives me peace of mind to know it is available

    Satisfied Customer, Tyne & Wear

  2. MikeChipshop


    Thornton House Residence for the Elderly in Cheshire find the Elk emergency lifting cushion so invaluable that the conventional hoist is now rarely used. Home Manager Mrs Tidbury told us:

    The Elk has been used in areas that prove difficult to access with a hoist, e.g. small en-suites and the garden, and it is light and simple to use, as a consequence the staff have not hesitated to use it. Staff and residents are happy, health and safety issues easily addressed, management delighted! One of the best purchases we have made.”

  3. MikeChipshop


    Mr Peter Hopps from Perth in Western Australia, suffers from “Kennedy’s Disease”, a rare form of Motor Neurone Disease causing severe weakness to the pelvic and bulbar muscles. Mr Hopps found as the disease progressed he started to fall, and his wife had to help him get back on his feet. He told us:

    I am no lightweight and we realised if we didn’t do something my wife would soon be on the floor next to me! We looked at various lifting options but none seems suitable for a tall person like myself. Then, through GP Medical here in Perth, we became aware of the Mangar Elk emergency lifting cushion. The Elk is just right for me as it lifts me from the floor to a sitting position from which I can stand up. The Elk Lifting Cushion is a great aid which has enhanced the quality of my life”.

  4. MikeChipshop


    Double amputee Mrs Margaret Booth from Nottinghamshire, thought her leisure days were over until she purchased a Mangar Elk emergency lifting cushion 3 years ago.

    My husband and I go caravanning”, she said, “and when I had my legs off everyone said that I’d never be able to go again. But thanks to my Mangar Elk lifting cushion, my leisure life is back on track. My husband and I go out for weeks caravanning and love it. I would not be able to go without my cushion lift. Thank you for my Mangar Elk!”

  5. MikeChipshop


    Mr D from Bristol emailed us to say:

    when I purchased an Elk from your Bristol stockist recently it was as a precaution, and not with the intention of using it in the near future. However, my wife’s crutch slipped on Thursday afternoon and she fell. Compared with what we’ve been through on previous occasions when that happened, last Thursday was a doddle. A marvellous product!”

  6. MikeChipshop


    Mr Albin-Dyer (whose funeral directors company is celebrated through “Don’t Drop the Coffin” on TV), telephoned to tell us how pleased he was with the Mangar Elk. His staff had just lifted a coffin from the floor with a combined weight of over 40 stone, which without the Emergency Lifting Cushion would have had to be manually lifted.

    Your Mangar Elk is brilliant”, said Mr Albin-Dyer.

  7. MikeChipshop


    I am writing to express my appreciation of this marvellous invention. The Elk emergency lifting cushion has made our daily living more serene and rids us of the constant fear of recovery from falls. The fact too that this equipment can be taken with me on holiday away from home is a special advantage.”Mrs Macfarlane of West Lothian

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Download User Manuals and additional information: ME0117-3_ELK_Multi_Language_User_Instructions

Item Metric Imperial
Lifts up to: 450kg 70 stone (980lbs)
Inflated height: 56.5cm 22″
Inflated width: 57cm 22.5″
Inflated depth: 50cm 20″
Deflated folded dimensions: 62cm x 26cm x 11.5cm 24.5″ x 10″ x 4.5″
Weight: 3.6kg 8lbs

for the Elk Emergency Lifting Cushion (Please note that this pdf document will open in a new window.)


Q: Can I use my battery Airflo plugged into the mains power supply?
A: The battery Airflo will work while plugged into the mains, but it will still be running off the battery power. The batteries will charge when the Airflo is not in use but any operation will halt the charging and power will be drained from the batteries.
Q: Is there somewhere near me I can go to see this product?
A: There are a number of outlets around the UK that stock Mangar International’s products. Not every outlet carries every one of our products and prices may vary. For your local dealers please call Head Office on 01544 267674.
Q: My invoice and VAT form aren't in the box with the product, where are they?
A: We send the Invoice and VAT form separately from your product, they should usually arrive a couple of days after the goods. If you have not received them within a week please call us on 01544 267674 and we will send copies.
Q: Why do I have to pay VAT now? Last time I ordered I filled in a form and didn’t have to pay it.
A: After consulting with the VAT office Mangar International now has to charge VAT on all orders. Customers who are VAT exempt can fill out a short form which once returned to our Head Office will enable us to refund their VAT. Guidance on eligibility is available from the National Advice Service on 0845 010 9000.
Q: Can I take my product on holiday?
A: Yes, all our equipment is portable and is suitable for use throughout the world. Use your normal travel plug. If taking a battery powered Airflo to a country with 110v supply, a 110v Airfo battery charger can be purchased through Mangar International.
Q: How often would you recommend that I have my equipment serviced?
A: Once every twelve months, as this would ensure that a certain standard of maintenance is kept and any adjustment or rectification can be done without loss of usage by the user.
Q: I sent the VAT form back a week ago but have not yet received my refund.
A: VAT refunds are paid in the same manner in which the order was placed. If you paid by a credit or debit card then we will credit your card to the value of your VAT. Customers who paid by cheque will receive a cheque back from us. If after a week you have not received your cheque, or refund onto your card, please call our Head Office on 01544 267674 to ensure we have received your VAT form back.
Q: Is there a correct way of connecting the hand control to the Elk?
A: When connecting the 4-way hand control to the Emergency Lifting Cushion please check that the correctly numbered/coloured hand control hose is attached to the corresponding numbered/coloured connector on the ELK before trying to inflate.Ensure that the hoses are free and not restricted in any way.When using the ELK with the Airflo, ensure that the "auto" button is engaged.General FAQs
Q: How can I be sure that the compressor will always have enough charge to enable me to use my Emergency Lifting Cushion?
A: We recommend that the Airflo Battery compressor should be left on continual charge when not in use. This will ensure that the compressor is fully charged when required.